Osteopathy is very beneficial to older dogs and can help keep them mobile to enjoy life optimally. Osteopathy can help OAPs (Old Age Pooches) with pain management, thereby reducing the medication required. We can improve and maintain joint range of motion and thereby muscle strength. Treatment will not cure a dog of joint disease or of a neurological condition but will help their body compensate to the changes. 

Common symptoms of skeletal asymmetry and muscular discomfort in dogs are moving with the tail and hindend to one side, refusal to sit or lie down, stiffness when getting up or after exercise, difficulty jumping or in the weaves if doing agility or any other change in normal behaviour.

Dogs are very intelligent and although some behavioural issues are training-related, many more are related to discomfort in the body. Dogs naturally hide signs of weakness and a thorough examination by a therapist such as an Osteopath will highlight any areas of concern.

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